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Info voor studiekiezers bio-ingenieur

Vernieuwe Hilde
Starting Time

This meeting has a maximum duration of 120 minutes from the starting time

After meeting is started you can join it using the phone, dial

and enter 18850# when prompted. Please check that the area code matches your region. Charges may apply

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Computer Pre-checks

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Quick Tips

  • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (Chromium version). Safari for iOS devices
  • Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent voice echo.
  • Click the Enter Meeting Room button to enter the meeting, or click the Enter Meeting When Started button to be automatically entered into the meeting when it starts.

Session Management

Audio and Video

  • Watch for browser permissions that appear at the top of the page and allow for your webcam and microphone to be used.
  • Share your microphone and webcam only when needed or required.
  • You can share and un-share your webcam and microphone when necessary.


  • Click the record button when you are ready to start the recording. Click record again when you want to finish the recording.
  • You can start, stop, and restart the recording, but all parts are combined into one video per meeting.
  • If you do not click the record button the meeting will not be recorded.
  • Your recording will be available for viewing after processing.


  • Share your webcam and unmute your microphone only when needed or required, start with the Listen option unless your moderator provides other directions.